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In the ATC there are so many opportunities to experience 'hands-on' flying, whether it be in a Grob tutor or a Grob Viking ; you are sure to enjoy your flight and learn a bit too! Now how many people can say they have flew a plane! If you're really lucky you could be put forward for an overseas flight on a Hercules, Chinook or a Merlin Helicopter. It is even a possibility you could join a pilot in one of our fast-jet aircraft or experience the unbeatable exhilaration of a Red Arrows flight!


As an Air Cadet, you are most likely to experience a flight in:

tutor viking

You are most likely to experience a flight in a Tutor at 10 AEF (Air Experience Flight) at Royal Air Force Station Woodvale (RAF Woodvale) near Southport.


If you are lucky, the pilot may ask if you want to do some aerobatics such as loops and barrel rolls. The pilot will sit on the right-hand-side of this aircraft and the passenger on the left.


The Grob Tutor has a 360° glass canopy that gives you the most amazing sights of the surrounding areas.

Grob Tutor

This is a winch-launched glider that only has two main wheels and one tail wheel. It does not have an engine and the pilot sits in the front with the passenger directly behind, in the back.


Grob Viking

Grob Vigilant

Flying & Gliding

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