• 310 Widnes Sqn Recruitment Event

    we are recruiting new cadets on Monday 7th October 2019

    starting at 1900

    any questions please call 01514951111

  • OPEN DAY 2018

    OPEN DAY AT 310 (Widnes) SQN

  • Please use this whilst online shopping and help the Sqn

  • 310 Top Flyers!

    Congratulations to CWO Rob Melvin and Sgt Dylan Ward on their successful Air Cadet Pilot Scheme applications.

  • L98 A2 Shooting

    Today, 12 February 2012, four cadets from 310 (Widnes) Squadron attended the L98 A2 day shoot at Sealand Ranges (formerly part of RAF Sealand which has now closed).

    Each cadet shot at least 40 rounds which included groupings to show how good they were at aiming the GP rifle and rapid fire where the target would raise 5 times and 2 shots fired each time! Cadets were also trained in safe usage of the rifle by completing up-to-date WHTs (Weapons Handling Tests); this will ensure cadets are safe when using the L98 A2 Rifle and are confident should anything go wrong when shooting the rifle.

    All in all, everybody who attended had a good day, despite Sealand Ranges having its own weather system! Cadets and staff 'had a laugh' and enjoyed every moment of the day.